BikeMi is also Advertising!

BikeMi is innovative media offering many different opportunities that can vary support communication both dynamically and statically.

BICYCLES Using over 4,600 bicycles, out of which 1,000 e-bikes circulating, Advertisers can communicate in an extremely environmentally friendly way, ensuring high visibility to their brands. Different parts of bikes can be branded: besides baskets and wheel guards, also WHEEL COVERS, the very latest product launched in November 2014 for the first time in Ferrero Pocket Coffee campaign.

STATIONS Almost 300 bike sharing stations exist on the territory and they offer excellent visibility, even in the most exclusive areas of Milan. They can be branded in several ways, ranging from CYCLE RACKS to the whole station flooring, using FLOOR GRAPHICS of over 40 square meters.

The product offering is complemented by FLAG STATION LUX, exclusive 50x70 backlit screen located on Bike Sharing stations columns, which has been selected by both Dior and Calzedonia for their S/S 2015 campaigns in Milan.


MAIN SPONSORSHIP Coca Cola sponsorship has impressive visibility and presence in the area: thanks to 2,000 branded circulating bikes and over 50 branded stations, Coca Cola has managed to give dynamic and static thrust to its campaign during the six months of Expo 2015 in Milan.

LOCAL ADVERTISING Excellent for Advertisers willing to have local visibility and with a strong link to the relevant area, including gyms, museums, theaters and restaurants, Bike Sharing is the ideal media also for Advertisers having B2B needs. It has been confirmed by the Mipharm campaign, which has complemented the ADV plan with Top Station, by branding annual BikeMi cards as a tribute to top clients.

Some brands that have successfully benefited from these solutions include: Coca Cola, Fineco, Ferrero, Warner Bros, Dior, Calzedonia, Expo 2015, Samsung, Original Marines, Health City, Mipharm, London Stock Exchange, Olio Toscano, Beck’s.



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From Monday July 3rd.

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From Tuesday May 23rd.

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On Saturday May 20th.

Temporary closign of BikeMi station number 81 Bocconi 2 - Bach

From Monday May 15th.

Extraordinary maintanance

On May 2nd, from 11.15 PM until the end of service

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From Friday April 21st.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 50 - Beccaria

From 10 AM to 5PM on April 13th.