How it works

How it works

Join BikeMi, it’s easy as riding a bike!

1. Choose one of the available subscriptions (annual, weekly or daily) and register through the App (some features are under development), on this website (mobile friendly), at ATM Points or Infoline.

2. If you register weekly or daily, you'll receive via e-mail or sms a user code, along with your password, that you can immediately use to borrow a bike. Please remember that these codes are active as soon as you use the bike for the first time.

3. If you register annually, you will receive via e-mail or sms the temporary codes that will allow you to access the service immediately and then your card within about 15 days. Activate your card on-line, through the official App (some features are under development), at ATM Points or calling ATM Infoline.

4. Go to a BikeMi station.

5. Choose the type of the bike you want to use between traditional and electric (if available).

6. Pick up your bike: at any BikeMi station you will find a service machine. Place your card next to the totem reader (annual subscriptions) or enter your user code and password (temporary subscriptions) and follow the instructions on the screen. The totem will display the number of the bike you can take. Lift the bike off the slot and you’re ready to ride.

7. Returning the bike to the station closest to your destination. Put the bike on a free slot space. Wait until the bike is correctly locked in place: wait until the light turns stable green and the pins will no longer be removable. To be sure that everything goes well you can also swipe your card or enter your codes again; a display message will acknowledge the return. Never leave it on the street.

Watch the video tutorial, click here:

Cover Tutorial EN


Do not forget to keep your subscription on you at all times!

The service runs 365 days a year from 7.00 am to 1.00 am. The timetable could be prolonged in spring/summer and on occasion of special events (for further information visit our News web page).



- The subscription is strictly personal and non-transferable.

- No more than one person can use the bike at a time; the only person authorised to use the bike is the subscriber.

- The subscriber is fully liable for the bicycle from the moment it is taken from a station until it is correctly returned.

- BikeMi provides for a cover for civil liability for damage to third parties caused solely by the malfunctioning of any BikeMi component, equipment or structure. In the event that the damage is caused by the subscriber, it is rather the latter that takes on full responsibility.

- For traditional bikes maximum consecutive free use is 30 minutes at a time. For the following minutes an extra is charged for every half hour or fraction. Electric bicycles have tariffs according to consumption that we invite you to look at.

- Maximum consecutive bicycle use is two hours.

- Service is automatically suspended if you exceed this time limit three times.

- A € 150 penalty, besides extras, will be charged to your credit card if the bicycle is not returned within 24 hours of its withdrawal from the station.

- If there is no free slot at the destination station, place your card in front of the card reader or enter you user codes to display the closest available stations.

- Another bicycle cannot be picked up until the first is returned and 5 minutes have elapsed since return.

- Remember to always follow current traffic rules when using the bicycle.

- For more information about on the current traffic code concerning bicycle circulation, please visit English version of – “Transportation - Bicycle” section.

- When you pick up your bike, check the state of the brakes and make sure all removable parts are secured.  Adjust seat height if necessary. In case of electric bike, on the 5 led display, you have to check the charge level of the battery in reference to the route that you want to cover. Each LED on  is equal to about 10 km of range.

- If some bicycle parts are not in good working order, replace the bike within 3 minutes and take another.

- You must be 16 years or older to use BikeMi service.

- You must observe traffic laws applicable to any other vehicle when bicycles are used on public roads.

- Bicycles must not be ridden on a single wheel or attached to other moving vehicles.

- Bicycles cannot be parked in public vehicle stops or on pedestrian crossings.


It is also important to:

       - Observe traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

       - Give pedestrians the right of way.

       - Indicate any turns in advance.


Please do not hesitate to call the ATM call center
for any further clarification or information.


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Latest News

Reopening of station 100 Palazzo Marino

From Friday August, 3rd

Temporary closing of station 211 Bernini

From July 31st

Temporary closing of station 55 Cinque Giornate

Untill 1.00 pm on July 30th. There might be inconvenience during the whole week.

BikeMi station 191 - Farini - Quadrio: temporay interruption of the service

Tuesday July 24th from 9 AM to 11 AM.

Temporay closing of BikeMi stations 1 - Duomo and 100 - Palazzo Marino

1 - Duomo: On July 17th 100 - Palazzo Marino: From July 18th.

Opening of station 266 - Sauli - Battaglia

From Tuesday July 10th.

Temporary closing of station 109 - Tunisia Lecco Bellintani

From the late evening of Wednesday June 27th.

Reopening of station 79 - Baracca

From Tuesday May 29th.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 76 - Mentana

From April 26th.

Design Week: BikeMi open 24 hours

From Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd.