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The test phase of Junior BikeMi ended on November 1st, 2016.

Since its opening on April 30th, 2016 the service has been succesful with 1.500 uses of Junior bicycles. An eventual resumption of the service is currently under evaluation.



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Each to their own.

BikeMi presents the world’s first integrated Bike sharing system for adults and children.

Junior BikeMi is a Bike sharing service dedicated to children, but is completely integrated with the traditional BikeMi service. At a single station, it’s possible to choose between classic bicycles, electric bicycles and children’s bicycles.

Bmj _0353All BikeMi subscriptions, whether annual, weekly or daily, are authorised to use the Junior BikeMi service. Only BikeMi members aged between 16 and 18 are not allowed to use the service, as they are themselves minors and are therefore unauthorised to take on third party liability. The service is also unavailable to members who have not yet accepted the new contractual terms and conditions, introduced in May 2015. For further information on how to accept these terms and conditions, please refer to the relative news item available on this website: /it/media/eventi-news/news.aspx#nuovo-bikemi-istruzioni-per-luso-14149

With just one subscription, it’s possible to take out up to 3 children’s bikes, in addition to an adult bike. The member may also decide to only take out children’s bikes, without taking an adult bicycle.

Junior BikeMi bicycles can be used by children aged between 6 and 10 and who weigh less than 40 kg.

Junior BikeMi is available as an integrated service at certain BikeMi stations already present in the city. It’s possible to take the yellow children’s bikes directly from the pillars in the stations, which have specially-equipped racks to house Junior BikeMi bicycles.

Junior BikeMi stations are located near to a number of urban parks.  Here is the detailed list of where to find them:

Mappa -Junior Bike -UK-20x 21-cm


Bmj _0423Taking out and returning Junior BikeMi bicycles is subject to the standard regulations of the service. The member simply selects which bike and how many children’s bicycles they want to take out, directly from the options present on the monitor of the stations that offer this service.

PLEASE NOTE: Children’s bicycles may only be returned to their dedicated racks, which are specifically labelled ‘Junior BikeMi’.

If a children’s bicycle is returned to a rack that is not authorised for the Junior BikeMi service, the system will register an error and charge a penalty to the member’s account. If the member is charged three penalties, their subscription will be automatically cancelled.

Junior BikeMi has all the same terms and conditions of use as the traditional service. The only difference is how much it costs to use the service:

€ 1 for the first 2 hours

€ 1 for each subsequent hour or part of an hour

for each bike taken out.


How to take out the Junior bikes:

Bmj _0429- the member passes their card over the reader (yearly subscription) or types in their personal codes (weekly or daily subscription)

- the member then selects the type of bicycles they want to take out (Junior)

- the system displays the rack number where the member can take the children’s bike from

- to take out another bike (up to a maximum of 3), this procedure must be repeated (passing the member’s card or typing in their personal codes) for each bicycle taken out.



The member is responsible for the safety of the children using the bikes and is under the obligation to make them wear a helmet.

For further information, please refer to the General Contract for the service, available from the Download section of this website.


Please do not hesitate to call the ATM call center
for any further clarification or information.


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