The electric bicycle

The electric bicycle

It’s a pedelec* expressly designed for this system: the thrust of an electric motor is added to human propulsive action to facilitate the pedalling and reduce the effort.

Some of its main and distinctive properties:

  1. 250 W electric motor
  2. lithium ion battery
  3. 5 led display that shows the level of the battery
  4. aluminium frame
  5. front disc brake
  6. spring saddle
  7. reinforced tyres
  8. incorporated bell
  9. cardan shaft transmission
  10. safety lights always on


*PEDELEC: Pedal Electric Cycle


Rendering e-bike


250 W electric motor

Motore elettrico

Lithium ion battery



5 led display that shows the level of the battery


Aluminium frame


Front disc brake

Freno a disco

Spring saddle

Sella molleggiata

Reinforced tyres


Incorporated bell


Cardan shaft transmission


Safety lights always on




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