What's BikeMi

What's BikeMi

BikeMi is Milan's Bike Sharing service, a real public bicycle transport system to be used for short trips.

It is an easy, practical and ecological system that helps to improve the quality of the environment and your physical well-being.

The service runs 365 days a year, from 7 am to 1 am. The timetable could be prolonged in spring/summer and on occasion of special events.

It is a sharing public transport system therefore it has to be used by as many people as possible. For this reason the first 30 minutes of each use are free for traditional bikes, while the following minutes are charged according to the arranged rates.

BikeMi is the first example in the world of an integrated Bike sharing system between 3,650 traditional bicycles and 1,000 e-bikes, unique in terms of size, complexity and innovation.

By subscribing to BikeMi you will be able to use both traditional bikes and pedelecs at any of the docking stations. Depending on the type of the bike you choose, only the tariffs conditions change: we invite you to look at them.





Please do not hesitate to call the ATM call center
for any further clarification or information.


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Latest News

Reopening station 184 - Porta Volta

From August 2nd.

Download the BikeMi App!

Available for every iOS, Android and Windows.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 141 - Caldara - Curtatone

From Monday July 3rd.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 104 - M.Gioia - "Regione"

From Wednesaday June 7th.

Closing of BikeMi station # 90 Gioia - Sassetti

From Tuesday May 23rd.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 100 - Palazzo Marino

On Saturday May 20th.

Temporary closign of BikeMi station number 81 Bocconi 2 - Bach

From Monday May 15th.

Extraordinary maintanance

On May 2nd, from 11.15 PM until the end of service

Transfer of station 64 - Diaz

From Friday April 21st.

Temporary closing of BikeMi station number 50 - Beccaria

From 10 AM to 5PM on April 13th.